Penthouse Inspiration


The Penthouse Inspiration is a typical high-end residential project, with sophisticated and precious interiors, completely furnished with products, lights and accessorie from Inspiration collection.
This urban apartment is inspired by the style of interior design in Paris and London between
the 20s and 50s, reinterpreted in a modern way. The proposal includes every room, with a view to total look, from product design to finishings.
Particularly striking is the lighting project, with compositions of elements "Allure" and "My Lamp", able to enrich spectacularly the space and the important volumes of the apartment.
The selection of colors and finish plays on neutral colors variations in tone, with color accents and precious metallic shines. The atmosphere is completed by wall coverings refined in fabric or wood, both from Inspiration collection.

Penthouse Inspiration - #1
Penthouse Inspiration - #2
Penthouse Inspiration - #3
Penthouse Inspiration - #4

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