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For Living Tall Cabinet

Inspired by the bar cabinets of the 1950s, this item brings style to elegant living spaces. The mdf structure has a 100 gloss lacquered finish and a metal base with matt gold finish. The handles, made in artisanal ceramic from faenza, have an iridescent effect. Inside it is lacquered matt in the same color, with the back covered in bronze colored fluted glass featuring two crystal shelves.

For Living Tall Cabinet

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Paolo Castelli R&D Team

Paolo Castelli R&D Team

365 is the number of days per year that the Paolo Castelli Research & Development Team dedicates to the conception and research of design products for the world of Inspiration.

The in-house team, composed of designers and architects, develops the concepts of Paolo Castelli and brings them to material life, creating products that complete the collection in a perfectly integrated way.


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