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Fine Collection Cabinet 180 A

Fine Collection Cabinet 180 a is an elegant chest of drawers, ideal in any bedroom or wardrobe area. Made in mdf, ivory colour with a 100 gloss lacquered finish, it features 6 drawers, frontally covered in ivory coloured leather, with glossy ivory lacquered edges. The metal handles have a galvanic matt gold finish. The drawers, matt lacquered mdf inside, have a lightly padded bottom, covered with elegant ivory microfibre. The legs are also ivory with a 100 gloss lacquered finish and have metal inserts recalling the galvanic finish of the handles.

Fine Collection Cabinet 180 A

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Paolo Castelli R&D Team

Paolo Castelli R&D Team

365 is the number of days per year that the Paolo Castelli Research & Development Team dedicates to the conception and research of design products for the world of Inspiration.

The in-house team, composed of designers and architects, develops the concepts of Paolo Castelli and brings them to material life, creating products that complete the collection in a perfectly integrated way.


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