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Hidrya Vases

Hidrya collection consists of six vases, all together they create a family of holders that opens a dialogue between them comparing differences and different kinds of beauty; together these vases teach us the harmony of shapes and colors while maintaining their individual souls. The borosilicate glass technique was a great discovery for Nason, born in Murano, island with thousand-years tradition in glassmaking; in fact this technique has a different execution from the Murano's one but even a natural born Muranese has appreciated the great these master glassmakers great artistry and passion that I find in Murano.

Hidrya Vases

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Alberto Nason

Alberto Nason

Alberto Nason born in Venice in 1972, After finishing his studies he took three years experience in a graphic design studio Option One, In  London. He then attended The Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan obtaining  a diploma in 1996 in industrial design. He took 1 year work experience in Germany in the design studio of “ Eckart & Barski” , near Frankfurt.

He’s specialized in the creative and technical areas of design.This knowledge  has   been the fruit of the collaboration with the studio of architect Michele De Lucchi in the role of designer since 1997, contributing to the development and the planning of design objects.

In 2001 he created a place called ” first laboratory ” in which the designer dedicated himself to technical new search of working of the glass. In 2001 collaborated with the European Institute of Design and his thesis with the Prof. Micheli. He collaborates with the following companies: Artemide, Domodinamica, Produzione Privata, AVMazzega, Arnolfo Di Cambio, Sforzin, Primo Laboratorio, Riva 1920, Sadi, Vnason&C, Parise vetro.


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