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For Living Cocktail Cabinet

Casquets where aromas and perfumes can be lied; these cocktail cabinets are authentic  jewels refining a noble and exclusive living  room. It features a mat gold finish galvanised base holding a cabinet made of 100% gloss lacquered mdf both inside and outside. The shutters are upholstered in fine leather galuchat effect, while the back is available in bronze coloured fluted glass or as well  in glazed ceramic following the most ancient techniques of Vietri handcraft.
It is available in two versions: Cocktail Cabinets and Fridge Cabinet.
For Living Cocktail Cabinets contains extra clear lead glass crystal shelves 8mm thick and two drawers covered in fine leather galuchat effect upholstered inside with smooth microfiber.
For Living Fridge Cabinet is an absolute refrigerator with a lead glass crystal shelf 8mm thick, in order to host accessories and cocktail crystalware.

For Living Cocktail Cabinet

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